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Emeli’s Blog

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Climate change’s growing impact is a great concern. We need to preserve our environment so our children and future grandchildren can grow up in a safe and livable world. HOERBIGER offers the right technology, products and services to help the industry lower emissions, produce efficiently and move into a more sustainable future. See what inspires us to keep going and read about some of our projects and the solutions below.

XP Valves in Japan
On Sunday afternoon, after a long time, I was finally back to visit my grandmother. My husband and children were also there and we really enjoyed the family time with three generations. At the very back of Grandma's garden is a huge cherry tree that provides shade and delicious cherries for us to make homemade jam from in the summer ...
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Packing Case Repair in UK
Today is another one of those days when I feel particularly proud of my work. A customer of ours from the UK is committed to the goal of "net zero emissions". He wants to protect the environment at the same time as avoiding waste. As we have helped him with complex challenges on several occasions, he turned to our company for support in this endeavor ...
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High Performance Piston in Montana, USA
My coworker Ben, in the U.S., shared this story and incredible photo with me after our American team helped an important customer in Montana solve a major downtime issue recently. Montana, located in the western United States, is a beautiful and rugged state defined by its diverse terrain, ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains. It includes several national parks, and a wide range of unique wildlife – including one of its most famous residents, the American bison ...
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eHydroCOM in Turkey
"We want to set standards in our industry when it comes to energy generation, in terms of protecting the environment and quality of life," writes a customer from Turkey on his website. I think this is a great goal, because we at HOERBIGER support our customers with advice and action in such projects. A great example of this is a current project not far from Turkey's beautiful west coast in Alaçatı, where our Turkish colleagues helped their customer to drastically reduce energy consumption in his refinery ...
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eHydroCOM in India
Today, I received a postcard from my Indian colleague, Sunil. He recently got married and spent his honeymoon in Kodaikanal, in the south of the Palani Mountains. Sunil and his wife are true adventurers. Therefore, they wanted to enjoy the breathtaking mountain views, impressive rocks, waterfalls, and lakes in Kodaikanal at about 2,000 meters (6,500 feet) above sea level. The 24-hectare (59-acre) Berijam Lake is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in southern India ...
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Emissions Seminar in Colombia
Did you know that Colombia is the most biodiverse country on the planet? Its unique location close to the equator includes part of the Amazon rainforest, the Andes Mountains, and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains – and it is home to 60 national parks. For these reasons, Colombia is the perfect environment for more than 60,000 different species of plants and animals, including more than 4,000 species of orchids (1,500 of which can only be found in this area). Scenic Tequendama Falls, located outside of Bogotá, has attracted visitors since its first permanent human settlements thousands of years ago ...
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HydroCOM in Thailand
The beaches in Krabi are among the most beautiful in all of Thailand. The islands there, with their breathtaking limestone cliffs, turquoise waters, and powdery sand, look like something out of a storybook. I would love to go there with my family one day and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It was an incredible experience that my Thai colleague Niran enjoyed last year. According to his stories, it mush have been a fantastic vacation ...
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Emissions Control Panels in France
What an impressive coastal landscape in Normandy. My colleague Jean-Luc is currently vacationing there with his wife and children. They have rented a small vacation home for two weeks and can finally relax and enjoy the peace and quiet for the next two weeks. After his assignment for a major customer project, Jean-Luc was really looking forward to it, as he told me on the phone a few days ago ...
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eHydroCOM in Malaysia
The Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia, with its 130 million-year-old tropical jungle, is home to the oldest forested area on Earth. I would really love to know what these ancient trees would have to say to us ...
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Gas management – Flaring reduction
My colleague Nasim just sent me greetings and this photo from the Saudi Arabia desert. After his customer visit to a large oil company in the region, he extended his stay by a few days to meet friends ...
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Emissions Control Panel in Singapore
My colleague Ethan sent me this picture from Clementi Forest in Singapore today. He works as a Sales Engineer at HOERBIGER in Singapore and enjoys hiking with his friends in his free time ...
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Let me introduce myself

I’m Emeli Seal, 43 years old, married, and I have two wonderful children – Anna, 11, and Max, 6. I’ve been working at HOERBIGER for over 15 years. Currently, I work as a Global Product Manager. I enjoy sports, especially outdoors. Climate change’s growing impact deeply concerns me. Preserving our environment is a matter close to my heart. I want my children and future grandchildren to grow up in a safe, healthy, and livable world.

My job allows me to help improve the environment for future generations by advocating for solutions that reduce emissions. I’ve felt very strongly about these topics since college, even back when few people were talking about it. I love helping to ensure that our industry continues to grow and thrive in more environmentally-friendly ways.

This blog highlights emissions-related projects that HOERBIGER is working on to reduce our industry’s footprint. I’m also sharing some of the beautiful and unique landscapes and natural wonders from around the world that we must protect and preserve together before they’re gone. HOERBIGER and our partners are working hard to meet and exceed our industry’s emissions goals. For a better tomorrow.

Enjoy reading!
Yours, Emeli

Enabling zero emissions.
Climate change's impact can already be seen across the globe. To mitigate these effects, we help our oil and gas industry customers lower emissions and meet stricter environmental standards, while also lowering operational costs and maximizing compressor efficiency.
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Emeli Seal

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