Coast in Normandy

Emissions Control Panels in France

July, 2023

How smart design protects people and the environment

What an impressive coastal landscape in Normandy. My colleague Jean-Luc is currently on vacation there with his wife and children. They rented a small holiday home for two weeks and can finally relax and enjoy the tranquility for the next time. After his involvement in a major customer project, Jean-Luc has been looking forward to this, as he told me on the phone a few days ago.

His customer has a site in this region and also wants to contribute to making our industry greener as a whole. The company aims to reduce 1% of its emissions at all its locations each year. That is a great contribution to preserving this beautiful spot on Earth for the future.

In his project, Jean-Luc was tasked with modernizing two compressors in the plant for this purpose. Together with his team, he integrated an ECP Emissions Control Panel from HOERBIGER for emission control into the existing plant. The customer's engineers encountered a major problem with the purge panels from other manufacturers due to their design. On one hand, the diameter of the pipelines was too small, and the standard cabinets were completely closed. This made operation and maintenance more difficult. With the HOERBIGER design, all piping is visible and you can better understand the functionality of each component.

Tailored to the customer's needs, Jean-Luc ultimately chose an ECPi Emissions Control Panel with Individual Packing Regulation. This high-end solution limits leakage with a nitrogen barrier and allows the status of each pack to be monitored as it individually controls the nitrogen pressure on each cylinder. This enables condition-based maintenance and results in higher compressor availability and less downtime.

Furthermore, the enclosed housing protects the components, and the "plug and play" installation into the existing system saves everyone involved a lot of costs and efforts. Diverting all packing leaks into the vent line also prevents uncontrolled gas leakage and increases safety for the operating personnel on the compressor deck.

And the best thing is that with this solution we are also protecting our beautiful environment and our customer is taking another important step towards achieving its emissions targets. All I can say is: I love my job.

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