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Tiverton Power

HOERBIGER - first choice

Since its startup in 2000, the Tiverton Power combined-cycle gas turbine plant has supplied electricity to homes and businesses in Rhode Island and the five other New England states. in 2012, owner Emera Energy decided to embark on an extensive maintenance and modernization plan. After intensive market research, the Emera Energy team contacted HOERBIGER.

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REE audit shows optimization potential

In mid-November 2015, a HOERBIGER REE audit (Reliability, Efficiency and Environmental Soundness) checked the reliability, efficiency and environmental soundness of the system. The most important result: The HOERBIGER HydroCOM system would improve the overall operating processes and reduce pulsation and vibration levels. During the all-around check, as required by an REE audit, the HOERBIGER team was able to discover many more opportunities for improvement on the compressors.

Increased efficiency thanks to HydroCOM

The modernized compressors have been in operation since November 2016. Thanks to the HOERBIGER HydroCOM system, the efficiency of the plant could be significantly increased. The compressors can be operated continuously in the range between 18 percent and 100 percent, the gas pressure for the turbine can be regulated continuously, and no machine output is wasted. Previously, the compressors could only run at either 50 percent, 75 percent or 100 percent.

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More security

Another big plus is that the compressors can now be operated completely from the process control room for the first time. In addition, the controls are now also more reliable since HOERBIGER has upgraded the control communication to fiber optics and the fiber optic cable runs directly from the compressors to the process control room - completely eliminating the need for communication via the Internet. For Tiverton Power, the upgrade has also increased operational stability and plant reliability.

[ from HOERBIGER@MOTION May 2017 ]