HydroCOM with valve

HydroCOM – Stepless Capacity Control System

HydroCOM is a stepless and fully automated capacity control system for reciprocating compressors. Often a reciprocating compressor delivers more gas than required by the process. This causes due to the physics and design of the compressor as well as the fluctuations in the process. The operating principle of the HydroCOM is based on the reverse flow principle. This means that only the gas flow that is needed for the process is compressed. This avoids the reuse of process gas and the cost of electrical energy for the driver can be significantly reduced, thus increasing the profitability of your plant.

When efficient part load is required, the HydroCOM system allows a simpler compressor design, with significantly fewer cylinders, compared to on/off control. In addition, individual adaptation, to your needs, of the hydraulic unit is possible.

How does the HydroCOM system work?

Around 1,600 systems are currently in reliable operation. The hydraulic HydroCOM actuators enable fast and precise control without any loss of performance, if required even from 10* to 100 percent within three revs. The wide, stepless volume control range thus ensures optimum process control. Thanks to the interface to PLC or process controller, the HydroCOM allows fully automated control. Reliable and standardized components drastically minimize the risk of unplanned downtime.

* depends on application

HydroCOM system layout
Modular system

Due to its modular design HydroCOM is easy to integrate into both existing and new compressor installations. Process control tasks are implemented ideally in a PLC or a loop controller. In a control cabinet the HydroCOM “Compressor Interface Unit” (CIU) carries out data exchange between PLC and HydroCOM actuators. Embedded temperature monitoring of suction valve covers allows insight into compressor conditions such as leaking valves.

Special features and technical data
  • Up to 6,800 N unloading force
  • Control range: 10*…100% (*depending on application)
  • Max. suction pressure: 160 bar / 2,320 psi
  • Max. compressor speed: 1,200 rpm
  • Maintenance reminder signal and serial interface
  • Stainless steel hydraulic unit version available
  • Suited for corrosive environment: yes
  • Suited for non-lube applications: yes
  • Ex certification: EU (ATEX, IECEx), US (FM), Canada (CSA), Japan (TIIS), Russia (EAC), Korea (KCs), Taiwan (Safety level), Brazil (INMETRO), China (PESO-CCOE)
HydroCOM actuator with valve

Benefits at a glance

Energy and emission cost savings as well as efficiency increase of your compressor

Reverse flow principle

Lower investment and maintenance costs for multistage, efficient compressors as well as emissions reduction (“carbon footprint”)

Stepless control, independent of the number of compression chambers

Increased reliability and minimization of the risk of unplanned compressor downtimes

Soft-touch damper

Operational flexibility and savings potential

Modular design

Avoidance of unplanned reciprocating compressor failures

Integrated temperature monitoring of the suction valve covers





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