Piezo-pneumatic systems for positioners

Piezo-pneumatic systems for positioners

Energy efficient control

  • All pneumatic functions in one compact functional unit
  • Reduced energy and intrinsic air consumption
  • Extended diagnostic and fail-safe functions for intrinsically safe positioners

Intelligent positioners with more and more diagnostic functions are required for the automation of industrial valves. With up to eight microprocessors in use, electrical power consumption is a critical variable, especially in explosion-proof applications.

Here, HOERBIGER's piezopneumatic pressure actuator modules set new standards. With their unrivaled low energy consumption, they open up new development perspectives for positioner manufacturers.

Piezo technology enables very fast and precise positioning. In combination with pneumatic valve technology, it forms a particularly energy-efficient interface to the electrical control of the positioner. Due to its intrinsically safe design, it offers maximum protection in potentially explosive environments, for example in the process industry.

In the closed-loop state, the positioner modules consume neither compressed air nor electrical energy. They thus make a significant contribution to reducing operating costs.

Technical data
Technical data
3/3 way valve
5/3 Directional valve
Input pressure:
1.5 bar to 7 bar
electrical energy demand:
2 x 28.8 10-6 J
Positioner top view
Positioner top view

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