Heartbeat moments

We Create Heartbeat Moments


We create Heartbeat Moments, where 2 of these 3 performances are needed!

Zero Energy
ZEro energy

Our Piezo Valve achieves switches with only a strawberry’s energy.
The piezo chip only needs 20 µJ for a circuit. The lowest power requirement of any electric controller on the market.

Ultra fast
Ultra fast

Our Piezo Valve switches in 0,001 seconds, 20 times faster than a hummingbird’s flap.
The reaction and switching time of a piezo chip is invisible to the human eye.

Highly precise

Our Piezo Valve is infinitely accurate in pressure output. The best watches achieve ±2 seconds accuracy per day.
As precise as a Swiss clockwork.

HOERBIGER Piezo Products

Motion control Actuators

Piezoelectric actuator for micro movements

  • Customized Piezo actuators for your application
  • Extremely versatile control element
  • Low energy demand, high speed, no heat dissipation, silent operation and small footprint
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Piezo bending Actuators


Piezo-controlled pneumatic valve

  • Ultra pecise & fast in high-risk applications
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Compact micro design
  • Wear- & maintenance free
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P9 Piezo Chip


Piezo-controlled pneumatic pressure regulator

  • No heat dissipation
  • Quiet and vibration-free operation
  • Exceptional control flexibility
  • High regulation stability
  • Low power consumption
  • Ease of installation and compact design
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Eye surgery
eye surgery

Improving the most performed surgery worldwide


  • Integrated cataract workflow solution for lens replacement
  • Piezo valve is used to control the air pressure which activates a pneumatic cutter
  • Allows surgeries in under 2 minutes (without piezo valve 20 minutes)
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Neonatal ventilators
Medical Ventilation

Highest performance for the most vulnerable


  • Ventilators for intensive care units, used on neonates and adults
  • Control of pressure in different operating modes of medical ventilators
  • P9 piezo valve is used in expiratory limb to minimize patient discomfort and effort exhalation
  • Almost wear-free operation enables extremely high number of switches over lifetime
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Hemodynamic monitoring
Hemodynamic monitoring

Non-invasive monitoring to reduce risks


  • Piezo used in a system for non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring
  • The device allows a fast recognition of the actual blood pressure
  • Infrared light is used to track the volume and flow of the blood in the finger arteries
  • Piezo keeps the blood flow and volume constand over time
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