Components for rotary screw compressors

Components for rotary screw compressors

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Valves and control modules for the compressor's suction side

  • Variable and two-point intake control as well as for compressors with inverter drive
  • For pressurized and non-pressurized air-end at compressor stop

Components for the compressor's pressure side

  • To maintain pressure in oil and water injected compressors at off-load and stop
  • Combination blocks containing function to maintain the pressure, oil filtration and temperature regulation in a single housing

Control components for air circuit

  • Providing signal for air intake regulation
  • Venting and pressure reduction at idling and stop
  • Actuating of control components

Components for air and oil line

  • Prevent backflow of air and oil
  • Regulate oil temperature with option of oil filtration
Components for rotary screw compressors


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