Hoerbiger News_June 22nd, 2018

Outstanding results in the HOERBIGER energy-saving competition

The task of the energy-saving competition was to research and elaborate a predefined topic from the field of energy management in small groups and to document it in writing. The trainees presented their results to a jury, which determined the winning team. The final presentation and award ceremony for the three best teams took place in June at the HOERBIGER training center in Peiting.

From February to May, the eight teams, each consisting of four or five trainees, had analyzed how HOERBIGER employees can save energy in the office, on machines or during car trips to or from work, as well as on business trips. The best suggestions came from four trainees from Schongau:

Lukas Conhoff, Mathias Seelos, Simon Horn, and Roland Puche recommended, among other things, equipping the offices and production halls of the HOERBIGER plant in Im Forchet with brightness sensors, installing timers on hardware devices such as printers, and using a sophisticated automatic drilling machine in the production area not only to save energy, but also to further increase occupational safety. This convinced the five-member jury, which consisted of a trainer, two plant managers and two employees from the energy management department. In addition to the victory, a second and a third prize were awarded.

Lydia Öttl, Energy Management Officer at HOERBIGER Deutschland Holding GmbH, which organized the competition, concluded: "HOERBIGER has set itself the goal of raising
awareness of energy management
, especially among trainees,
and sensitizing them to the topics of environmental protection and resource conservation. We have succeeded in this with the competition."

Oliver Gratzel, Managing Director of HOERBIGER Kompressortechnik GmbH, adds: "The winners have developed numerous creative ideas for our Im Forchet plant, with which the energy balance can be sustainably improved. We are looking forward to going one step further and considering together with the apprentices which of these suggestions can be implemented in the near future."