Hydrogen for planes, ships, trucks and cars

Hydrogen solutions for mobile applications

In order to be able to achieve the set CO2 targets in mobile applications, hydrogen will play a central role as an energy carrier in the future. In particular, PEM fuel cell and hydrogen combustion technology will become established in applications that focus on long ranges, high payloads and high vehicle availability. Above all, these are vehicle uses with a commercial background, such as logistics, last-mile delivery, commercial vehicles, off-road applications, and occasionally passenger car fleets.

HOERBIGER offers solutions that enable important aspects such as cost reduction, efficiency improvement, weight reduction and fast refueling for these user profiles. HOERBIGER thus makes an important contribution to reducing operating costs (TCO - Total Cost of Ownership) and improving the CO2 footprint of these vehicles.


Hydrogen Refueling Data Interface

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H2 Injection

HOERBIGER is the technology and innovation leader for H2 injectors for mobile and stationary applications and as such paves the way for the green energy transition.

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More Hydrogen solutions from HOERBIGER

Components for Elektrolysers
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Transport & Storage
Compressor solution for hydrogen tube storage filling
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Compressor solution for hydrogen refueling stations, Hydrogen Refueling Data Interface, Grounding solutions
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Stationary applications
H2 injectors for power generation and other stationary applications with internal combustion engines
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