Cut model of SCC packing case and refinery

SCC – Surround Cooled Packing Case

You demand top performance, and rightly so. With HOERBIGER, you can create the conditions for success. Thanks to the HOERBIGER SCC packing case, your compressor will deliver top performance, while keeping cool. 

Dissipating friction and compression heat reliably and continuously is a challenge in the production and transport of natural gas. There is a reliable solution.  

HOERBIGER SCC packing case systems

Stable operation even under challenging circumstances is one of the key requirements for high equipment uptime and customer satisfaction. The goal is to minimize any issues that could jeopardize continuous operation.

This includes dissipating heat generated by packing rings. Cooled packings require less frequent replacement, and cooled piston rod packings are more durable.

Proven design for all compressor types

So when it comes to minimizing unplanned downtime, considerably reducing costs, and ensuring reliable, stable production, SCC packing case systems made by HOERBIGER are a must.

Large surface areas ensure rapid and reliable heat exchange.

Longitudinal cooling channels ensure reliable cooling, even with sub-optimal water quality.

SCC packing cases make maximum performance possible. Consistently.

HOERBIGER SCC packing case systems allow your compressor to push the envelope - while continuing to operate safely and reliably. 

This is why HOERBIGER is an innovation partner for innovative companies.

SCC packing housings at a glance:
  • Case is designed without rod surrounding O-Rings and therefore in compliance with API618 requirements
  • Patent protected design is proven to give a more even cooling effect versus traditional designs
  • The continuous longitudinal cooling channel is less prone to channel clogging
  • Can be applied to most compressors and applications
  • Available in different material qualities and can help you to standardize case layouts
  • The entire packing is easy to be cleaned and serviced as every cooling channel can be accessed directly
Technical data
SCC packing case cut lengthwise
CC packing case top view of longitudinal section
CC packing case view from inside
Most advanced and simple cooling design in the industry: Best reliability in terms of channel clogging - Easy to replace - Easy to clean

Rod packing seals are contained in stacked cups to seal around the rod. This results in a “dead end” trap, hindering effective heat transfer. This heat needs to be removed quickly and efficiently, particularly at high temperature applications. The SCC solves this with very high surface area to transfer his heat to the coolant flow that passes through all the cups in the case. Thus, SCC is a problem solver,decreasing wear in packing cases used in refineries, chemical plants and other processing facilities.

SCC packing representation of the cooling channels

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