CS – Plate Valve

CS – Plate Valve

The robust all-rounder for low to medium pressure applications

Proven design with customized features

The CS – Plate Valve is a plate type valve for low to medium pressure applications. Thanks to its non-metallic valve plate made of impact-resistant polymer, the CS – Plate Valve is a robust all-rounder for a wide range of applications, such as in Chemical, Petrochemical, Technical Gases and hydrogen production by electrolyzers. The optionally available high-performance polymer material HP developed by HOERBIGER also enables the CS – Plate Valve to be used in cryogenic applications such as LNG boil-off. Widely designed flow channels and conically milled seats and guards offer high tolerance against clogging. Tribological optimization for lubrication-free operation and hydrogen-compatible materials provide safe operation in H2 compression systems.

Thanks to the simple but robust design with only one moving sealing element, CS – Plate Valves ensure easy and cost-effective maintenance and high durability.

CS – Plate Valve at a glance:
  • Proven Design
  • Superior Performance 
  • Reliable & Durable
  • Easy Maintenance
Technical data

CS – Plate Valve ensures superior performance

The CS valve has proven its reliability and durability in more than 1000 process gas applications worldwide.

CS – Plate Valve advantages

Benefits at a glance

Long life and high compressor uptime
  • Fibre reinforced polymer valve plate
  • Tribologically optimized
  • Wide flow channels
  • Conically milled seats and guards
Simple and cost-effective maintenance
  • Single moving sealing element
  • Simple assembly
Increased throughput at low pressures

Valve seat/plate sealing lands optimized for low pressures

High reliability for reduced downtime
  • Designed for high dynamic loads  in high lift valve configurations
  • Reduces adhesion forces due to liquids
    Avoids delays in valve closing
Safe operation in H2 compression

Resistance to hydrogen embrittlement