Our focus on sustainable governance

Our focus on sustainable governance

A better tomorrow also means caring about the communities we are active in and conducting our business in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. Our sustainable governance consists of two parts:

  • Corporate social responsibility engagement
  • Anti-corruption and compliance

As a company, we contribute to good causes in our communities. We also give employees the opportunity to spend time actively engaging in doing good. This ranges from lending a helping hand in crisis to donating blood. But, we are also giving and supporting projects in regions of need, as well as donating to charitable causes. We want to actively engage in providing education and sustainable support in regions where we conduct business.

Compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies is a top priority in all business decisions and transactions at HOERBIGER. HOERBIGER addresses compliance risks both preventively and reactively. 

The Group has a code of conduct and a comprehensive set of compliance policies, including, for example, policies on human rights, anti-corruption, fair competition, export control and data privacy. We are commited to conducting our business in accordance with these codes and policies. 

Doing good is a privilige. We are happy to have the opportunity thanks  to the sound foundation on which our company operates.

Corporate Governance
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Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct reaffirms our commitment to personal integrity and compliance with the law.
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