Hoerbiger News_April 05th, 2023

HOERBIGER and HD Hyundai Infracore cooperate on hydrogen-powered combustion engine

HOERBIGER and Hyundai on ConExpo in Las Vegas

This year's ConExpo in Las Vegas was full of surprises and amazing news. Among the stars of the exhibition was the hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine (ICE) from HD Hyundai Infracore equipped with H2PFI injectors made by HOERBIGER.

This hydrogen-powered ICE can produce a power output of 300 kW (402 HP) and will see mass production in 2025. It will be installed on buses, trucks and construction equipment. While meeting Zero CO2 and Zero Impact Emission requirements it is also 25-30% more economical than battery packs or fuel cells when vehicle price and maintenance costs are considered. One fueling of 10 minutes allows the vehicle to drive for a distance of up to 500 km (310.6 miles). 

“We are proud to be able to support our valued partner HD Hyundai Infracore to develop a zero-carbon emission ICE and to bring it into mass production. We firmly believe that the hydrogen ICE has a place in the green energy future for mid to heavy duty applications. We hence continue our commitment to lead the way in fuel injection and ignition technology for hydrogen-powered ICEs”, says Bernhard Zemann.

Read here to learn more about HOERBIGER’s hydrogen injection and ignition technology. Visit also the website of HD Hyundai Infracore for more information.

On the photo you can see from left to right: Keith Brooks (Senior Vice President of OEM Sales Altronic), Joongsoo Kim (Head of Engine Division HD Hyundai Infracore) and Bernhard Zemann (Head of HOERBIGER Engine Business Unit).