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Fraud Warning at HOERBIGER

It has come to our attention that our Brands (HOERBIGER, IEPTECHNOLOGIES, ALTRONIC) have been illegally misused by third parties unknown to us to commit fraudulent activities.

Online Fraud/Scam attempts have been seen on the internet, video/voice chats or via e-mail. The main objective of these fraud schemes is to make people pay money or to obtain personal and financial information from the contacted persons for illegal actions.

HOERBIGER does its upmost to ensure that any such activities are shut down.

How to identify Fraud/Scam?

In general: If the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.
Examples of Internet Fraud/Scam can be found on the Wiki Page

Please be aware that HOERBIGER or any of its companies do not

  • request any prepayments for handling fees for e.g. advertisement campaigns, job offers, etc.
  • send e-mails from a public email account like Gmail, GMX, Hotmail, Yahoo,, Protonmail etc.
  • directly deliver products to a customer after the customer has made a prepayment to an “intermediate distributor / re-seller” or an “escrow account”
  • change bank accounts without informing you via sources known to you personally

What you can do!

Whenever you face any of the above situations, please be aware that you are most probably facing a scam. We strongly recommend checking such issues by

  • cross-check the background of the person who contacted you (sender, vendor or supplier)
  • critically checking the e-mail, website etc. to see if it looks professional with adequate contact information, imprint, etc.
  • trying other contact opportunities, such as, another telephone number, other e-mail addresses etc.;
  • looking for spelling and grammatical errors in the email or website.

If you

  • still have any doubt as to whether you are facing a scam,
  • or receive unsolicited offers of employment from people claiming to work for HOERBIGER,
  • or you have disclosed sensitive /critical information to somebody you do not know, or trust
  • or to a website you do not trust,

we recommend

  • that you immediately discontinue all communications with the source
  • that you do not respond to their inquiries, do not open any attachments, and do not click on any hyperlinks.

but instead report them to your local law enforcement. In case there are any doubts please forward documents to us via

Corporate Governance