May 29th, 2019

HOERBIGER Torqueline Twin Cone receives German Innovation Award

More efficiency for hybrid and electric drives thanks to an innovative switching element from HOERBIGER: The TorqueLINE Twin Cone reduces drag losses by up to 90 percent and saves up to 25 percent in resources and weight. These advantages also convinced the expert jury of the German Innovation Award. They presented HOERBIGER with the gold award in the "E-Mobility Technologies" category at the awards ceremony on May 28 in Berlin.

This year, the German Innovation Award received a total of 695 submissions in 40 categories across all industries. The best products and solutions received an award from the expert jury for their special innovation performance, including the HOERBIGER TorqueLINE Twin Cone. At the festive awards ceremony, Andreas Dempfle and Jürgen Binder, who played a major role in the development of the innovation, were presented with the highest of all awards.

The TorqueLINE Twin Cone replaces classic multi-plate clutches and is significantly more efficient than standard clutch systems. "The new shifting element from HOERBIGER reduces drag losses by up to 90 percent, which lowers fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the vehicle," emphasizes Andreas Dempfle. "In addition, the system requires up to 60 percent lower actuation forces."

Thanks to its compact design, the TorqueLINE Twin Cone helps save resources: Up to 25 percent less steel is required for production, making the system a quarter lighter than classic multi-plate clutches.

"Despite its innovative design, the Twin Cone is easily compatible. Manufacturers can replace their classic multi-plate clutch system without extensive adjustments," explains Jürgen Binder. "The Twin Cone has the same dimensions and interfaces of a standard clutch system. The actuation and type of lubrication of the system can also be adopted."

The TorqueLINE Twin Cone is suitable for use in hybrid and electric drives - a market that is growing strongly. Thanks to the high increase in efficiency as well as the positive contribution in reducing material, weight, consumption and emissions, the system supports manufacturers in responding to the increasing demands of future mobility.


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